Eggstravaganza Quiz

Hope you enjoyed the quiz at the Eggstravaganza Coffi Troddi. Missed it? Have a go now:


Q1.  Try these ditloids  e.g. 366 DIALY (366 days in a leap year)

  • 40 DIL  
  • 12 DATLS 
  • 39 BITOT 
  • 31 DIM
Q2.  Name the artist & the century each painting was created
(a)    pastedGraphic.png
(b)     pastedGraphic_1.png
Q3.  Dingbats  e.g. CCRREEAAMM  double cream
Q4.  Easter Island belongs to which country? 
Q5.  What is the latest date on which Easter Sunday can fall?
Q6.  Dyngus Day is another name for what day at Easter?
Q7.  Who wrote the lyrics for Jesus Christ Superstar?
Q8.  How is a simnel cake traditionally decorated?
Q9.  The name Golgotha refers to the hill of Calvary – in which language?
Q10. In which year did the Easter Rising take place in Dublin?
Q11. Which Scottish football club plays its home games at Easter Road?
Q12. What is a pascal?



A1.  40 DIL       40 days in Lent
      12 DATLS   12 disciples at the last supper
      39 BITOT    39 books in the Old Testament
      31 DIM        31 days in March
A2.a     Leonardo da Vinci 15th C (1498)
A2.b    Michelangelo 16th century (1511)
pastedGraphic_7.png  Forgive & forget
pastedGraphic_8.png     Passover festival
pastedGraphic_9.png     Scrambled eggs
pastedGraphic_10.png  Water (H2O)            
A4.  Chile
A5.  25th April 
A6.  Easter Monday
A7.  Tim Rice 
A8.  Conventionally it has 11 marzipan balls, to represent the 12 disciples minus Judas
A9.  Aramaic language as commonly spoken by the Hebrew population of Jerusalem in those days
A10. 1916
A11. Hibernian FC (in Edinburgh)
A12. A unit of pressure: one newton per square metre (as opposed to Pascal with a capital P, which is both the name of a 17th century French philosopher and a computer language “used particularly in training” – whatever that means!)