Conditions of hire for single hiring


The Hall is available to hire for one-off occasions for which the terms and conditions set out below will apply.


HIRING BY:  (the Hirer)

1 User and payment 

1.1 All arrangements relating to the Hiring shall be made with the Bookings Secretary.

1.2 Details of the Hiring are set out in the attached Schedule.

1.3 No part of the Premises is to be used for any purpose other than the purpose of the Hiring except as agreed with the Bookings Secretary.

1.4 No part of the Premises is to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way.

1.5 Prior to the commencement of the Hiring, the Hirer shall pay the fee for the Premises as agreed with the Bookings Secretary.  The Trustees of the Premises (the Trustees) reserve the right to retain at least 50% in the event of a cancellation.

2 Equipment 

2.1 No lighting, heating, power or other electrical or mechanical fittings or appliances in the Premises are to be altered, moved or in any way interfered with.

2.2 No additional lighting, heating, power or other electrical or mechanical fittings or appliances are to be installed or used without the prior consent of the Bookings Secretary.

2.3 Any stage lighting/sound equipment provided by the Trustees must not be operated by any persons other than suitably trained persons approved by the Trustees.

2.4 The Hirer shall not bring any equipment of whatever nature on to the Premises except with the consent of the Bookings Secretary.

2.5 Any equipment brought on to the Premises, and any consequential damage caused by that equipment, shall be the responsibility of the Hirer.

3 Maximum number to be admitted 

The number of persons to be admitted to the Premises is not to exceed 90.

4 Supervision

During the Period of the Hiring, the Hirer is to be responsible for:

4.1 the efficient supervision of the Premises, including

  • the effective control of children
  • the orderly and safe admission and departure of persons to and from the Premises.

4.2 the safety of the Premises

4.3 the preservation of good order and decency in the Premises.

4.4 ensuring that all doors giving egress from the Premises are left unlocked and unobstructed and immediately available for exit, including releasing the chains from the two fire doors at the beginning of the sessions, and that all exit aisles, corridors and passageways are kept open and clear of any blockage or obstruction of whatsoever nature and that all fire appliances are undisturbed and accessible in case of emergency.

4.5 ensuring the chains on the two fire doors are back on at the end of the sessions.

5 Decorations and advertising 

5.1 No bolts, tacks, screws, pins, sellotape, bluetac or any similar objects are to be attached to the Premises, other than to the noticeboard in the hallway to the Premises, without the previous written consent of the Bookings Secretary.

5.2 No posters, boards, signs, flags or other emblems or advertisements are to be displayed inside or outside the Premises without the previous written consent of the Bookings Secretary.

6 Other regulations 

6.1 The Hirer must comply with all conditions and regulations of the Premises’ public entertainment licence and must comply with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the Premises by the Fire Authority.

6.2 Noise/music must be kept to a reasonable level.

6.3 No alcoholic drink may be brought onto the Premises for consumption on the Premises without the consent of the Bookings Secretary.

6.4 Excessive heating must not be used and the thermostat must be left at 15°C on vacating the Premises.

6.5 When vacating the Premises, hirers are asked to show consideration for immediate neighbours.

7 State and cleanliness of Premises

7.1 Tables and chairs are to be put away and the Premises left in a clean and tidy condition after use.

7.2 Crockery, cutlery and glassware if used must be washed and returned to the appropriate cupboard and drawers, as indicated by labels.  Work surfaces must be cleansed.

7.3 No recyclable rubbish is to be left at the Premises; all food waste, bottles, cans, paper, tetra packs and cardboard must be taken away by the Hirer.  Any other rubbish may be left in the bin located in the kitchen.

7.4 If the Hirer does not ensure that the Premises are in a clean and orderly state at the end of the period of the Hiring, the Hirer shall pay a fee of £70 for a cleaner provided by the Trustees.

8 Damage to the Premises 

The Hirer is to take good care of and not cause any damage to be done to the Premises or to any fittings or decorations or other property in the Premises. If any such damage is caused by any act or neglect of the Hirer or anyone for whom the Hirer is responsible or anyone permitted by the Hirer to enter the Premises, the Hirer shall reimburse the cost of rectification incurred by the Trustees.

9 Injury to persons and loss of property 

9.1 The Trustees will not be liable for the death or injury to any person attending the Premises for the purpose of the Hiring or for any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceeding, damages, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by the Hirer in the exercise of the right granted by the Hiring except where such death, injury or loss is due to the negligence of the Trustees.

9.2 The Trustees will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of any goods, articles or property of any kind brought in to the Premises or left or deposited with any of the Trustees.

9.3 The Trustees will not be responsible for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply with electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or act of God which may cause the Premises to be temporarily closed or the Hiring to be interrupted or cancelled.

9.4 The Trustees gives no warranty that the Premises are legally or physically fit for any specific purpose.

10 Right of Entry and Right to Refuse Admission

10.1 The Trustees reserve the right for any duly authorised Trustee to enter the Premises at any time for any authorised purpose.

10.2 The Trustees reserve the right to refuse admission to or remove from the Premises any person.

11 Complaint

In the event of any complaint or dispute, the person complaining should refer the matter in writing addressed to the Secretary for arbitration by the Trustees, whose judgement will be final.

12 Breach by the Hirer 

If the Hirer fails to observe and perform any of the Conditions of Hire, the Trustees may:

12.1 charge to and recover from the Hirer any expenses incurred by the Trustees in remedying any such failure, including the cost of employing attendants, workmen, cleaners or other persons as may be appropriate and

12.2 cancel the instant or any other hiring of the Premises without incurring any liability to the Hirer for the return of any fee or otherwise.

13 Application of the Conditions 

The restrictions and obligations in the Conditions of Hire apply to any part of the building, facilities and outdoor space where the Premises are located.

N.B.1 Please help us to maintain our newly re-lacquered hall floor. The remedial work has cost in excess of £1,000 and the damage was caused by spills and abrasions.

Please therefore:

  • Always wipe your feet before entering the Hall.
  • Erect & dismantle tables in the store room.
  • Mop up any spills immediately with a damp, not wet, cloth.
  • Use the Henry vacuum cleaner, not a brush, to clean up

N.B.2  Please be aware of the following statement clarifying the insurance position at Mitchel Troy Village Hall as from 1st January 2015.

1) Public Liability Insurance

The Hall provides liability insurance to cover should any accident occur on our premises where our buildings or equipment ids the cause of the accident and provided that there is no evidence that the equipment has been misused by the injured party. Any claim so arising would be subject to a £250 excess.

2) Own Equipment

Where groups or persons choose to bring their own equipment on to the premises, or indeed store it there by agreement, then this will be at their own risk as the Hall does not provide insurance for such items. You are strongly recommended to take out independent cover for such eventualities.


Details of Hiring

Purpose of Hiring:

Date of Hiring:

Time of Hiring: From: To:

Total cost at £    :     per hour:        £

Equipment that may be brought on to the Premises:

Name of Hirer:


Return of this completed form to the Bookings Secretary confirms your acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.

Please send your cheque, made payable to ‘Mitchel Troy Village Hall’ to The Treasurer, Mr Roger Hartwell, Garrow House, Mitchel Troy Common, Monmouth, NP25 4JQ to secure your booking.