Welcome to Mitchel Troy Village Hall

You can find us on the main road running through Mitchel Troy between the camp-site and the Church.  Need a place to hold a birthday party or a space to have a meeting?  Keen to play bridge or display your prowess at growing beautiful plants and vegetables?  Want an outlet for your artistic skills?

Mitchel Troy Village Hall is the place for you!

This website will tell you all about the Hall, what happens here and how to book it.

Mitchel Troy Village Hall fund-raiser

Rotary Monmouth Virtual Halloween Balloon Race

Rotary Monmouth is offering all non profit organisations in the area the opportunity to raise money for their needs by selling balloons in this “virtual” Balloon race. Mitchel Troy Village Hall is one of the participating organisations, so if you would like to have some fun and join in this very socially distanced fund-raising, do please buy a balloon or several balloons!

The race will start at midday on Saturday, 31st October and be completed at midday on Saturday, 7th November. Balloons can be purchased from the Rotary Monmouth Website here. Each balloon costs £3 purchased through PayPal. You can also purchase as a “guest”, if not registered with a PayPal account, using a bank card.  

Rotary Monmouth is providing the prize money. £175 first prize, £75 second prize and £25 third prize for the balloons that travel the furthest distance. In addition, there will be a daily prize of £10 for the leading balloon each day of the race.

On the Rotary Monmouth Balloon Race page, click on the red ‘Buy here’ and then click on ‘Get a Balloon!’.

In the Message area, circled in red, please enter the name “Mitchel Troy Village Hall” so that Rotary Monmouth know to send the funds raised by Hall supporters to the Hall.

If you are buying multiple balloons then you need to fill in this page as many times as the balloons you are buying, by clicking first on Create My Balloon and then clicking on the green button. You insert the same details except for a different balloon nickname each time. Then pay for the balloons on PayPal. (NB Buyers get an email from the race page thanking them for buying a balloon, even if the PayPal purchase has not been completed. If you did not complete the PayPal purchase then your balloon will not be entered in the race.)

Good luck & enjoy the race!

Mary Watts, the Secretary to the Village Hall Committee has the following updates:

As at 21 September 2020: “Regretfully, the Village Hall Committee has had to postpone the planned reopening, following the “rule of six” and the latest government announcement. On a positive note, the hall is now fully Covid-Secure and we will be able to open at short notice to welcome you back. That will be a day worth celebrating!”

As at 29 July 2020: “The Village Hall Committee has been busy behind the scenes, meeting via Zoom and holding a virtual AGM this week; many thanks to those who attended. We are always looking for new members for the Committee and this would certainly be a very interesting time to join us and to get involved in the community. You are guaranteed a warm welcome!  No experience is needed and everyone has something to offer so please think about it and get in touch with me on mary137watts@hotmail.com if you’d like to find out more. 

 As you can imagine, the main topic of discussion these days is the future of the Hall, which currently remains closed. The Committee has formed a working party which is developing systems to make the Hall Covid-secure so that we are ready to open when it is appropriate and safe to do so. We have been in touch with all our regular users to find out what their thoughts are and we’re monitoring announcements from the Welsh Government as legislation changes.

We’ll keep you informed and look forward, one day, to announcing the re-opening of the Hall and the return of the Pop-up pub and Coffi Troddi, as well as the return of the various clubs who use the hall.”

Watch this space!

Mitchel Troy Aid

A group has been set up to arrange for assistance to be provided to anyone having to self isolate or who feels worried about going in to town and possibly being in touch with ‘infectious’ people or surfaces. So if you feel that you would appreciate some help with shopping, collecting medicines  or would just like a chat on the phone from time to time, please contact:

Liz Williams – 01600 711518
Val Long – 01600 714464
Elaine Savage – 01600 715618

or send an email to the following address to which all three are connected:


We will then put you in touch with one of our volunteer helpers.

And if you have ordered from Evans or want a prescription collected, please contact us by phone or through that gmail address.


Have been cancelled for the duration of the Covid 19 outbreak until the Government relax the restrictions.

Keep Safe! Stay at Home!


If you would like to receive a copy of the emailed newsletter, with news about events and  in Mitchel Troy & neighbourhood, including events at the Hall and St Michael’s, and news from Mitchel Troy United Community Council

please SUBSCRIBE to Mitchel Troy News here.

Hall Bookings

If you want to book the Hall for a one-off or a regular slot or if you know of anyone looking for space to hold a group, a meeting or an event, do please look at the Bookings page of this website to see when the Hall is free and then contact Derek Ringer on 01600 712176 or by email on derek@churchfarmguesthouse.eclipse.co.uk

The facilities include wheelchair access, WC for those with limited mobility, newly refurbished kitchen, large hall with a ceiling mounted projector and large drop down screen, separate meeting room and plenty of parking.

 Facebook Page

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted our Facebook button on the right of this page.  This is the link to our brand new Facebook page, to which we will be posting all the up to date news (as well as adding to our Events page on this website, of course!).  Do please ‘Like’ the page so that you receive all the news as soon as it is posted.

Defibrillator News

clip_image002One of the factors to come out of the defibrillator training is the need for urgency in getting hold of the defibrillator.  Since many of you are more than a 3 minute drive from the Hall, we have a small network of people living close to the Hall that you could call – after first phoning 999 of course – to bring the defibrillator to you and the patient.  So, those vital numbers are:

  • Libby & Ivor Philpott          713809
  • Elaine & David Savage      715618

If you were not able to come to one of the training sessions but would still like some training, then please contact

  • Elaine Savage on 715618
  • David Llewellyn on 869117

and we will arrange a further session with Des if there is sufficient interest.  Talk to your friends and neighbours and tell them how useful this simple training session is and how it might save a life!


Do have a look at our Events page for news about future coffee mornings at Coffi Troddi – every third Saturday of the month 10:30 to 12 noon -and details of pub openings – every first Saturday of the month 19:00 – 22:30 as well as future events.