Community Projects for the Village Hall

Community Projects

We have been thinking about the Community Projects that we will make a start on during June’s Coffi Troddi, 10:30 – 12 noon, on Saturday 17th June, as it is on this week-end that the commemoration of the life of Jo Cox, M.P. takes place throughout the UK with various community events.  We had lots of ideas for our Art Project and Garden Project put forward at the Village Lunch and the discussions continued at the May Coffi Troddi.

For the Art Project, we will carry on developing our ideas at the June Coffi Troddi.  We realised that whatever we decided upon would be a task that would take time, with folk doing some of their contribution at home, and that this would be more of a winter pursuit than a summer one.  So come along to the June Coffi Troddi and help us to develop this project into an imaginative artwork for the Village Hall hallway.  

For the Garden Project, the first step will be to clear away all the weeds and brambles and then to see what we have left.  David Llewellyn will use his power scythe to clear the site before the June Coffi Troddi, so that on 17th June we can have a really good look at it.  Anyone with long handled loppers and secateurs will be welcome that morning to have a go at tidying back the trees, both on that site behind the water works and along the bottom of the car park.  But what we also will need is your ideas for use of the site as  well as how to make it safe, attractive and easy to maintain.

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